A-Levels: The Start

Every student, including myself, will have a positive attitude at the start of the year in September. What every student doesn’t realize is the fact that A-Levels are a massive jump from GCSE’s. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a jump. It is more like a leap of faith! If you think I’m exaggerating and are willing to mess up your A-Levels, then click on a new tab and delete this one. If you want to be successful in your A-Levels then listen to what I say and take heed from my advice. I am saying this because I done extremely well at GCSE, getting 3A*’s, 3A’s and 4B’s. I got a D as well, but we’ll ignore that for the time being. I then went onto A-Levels with the mindset of probably most individuals. I thought ‘Oh, well A-Levels are going to be easy, there are only 4 of them’. How wrong I was! A-Levels suck up your time and even some of your friends away from you like a space-time continuum. I managed to get AAC at the end of my two years of A-Levels in Maths, Physics and English respectively, so I must have done something right. This is because I learned how to adapt to the difficulty of it very quickly. I am not quite sure that everyone has this adaptability ingrained in their mindset. So for those of you who haven’t got that mindset and even for those of you who do, keep reading and learn how to prepare for A-Levels.


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