Why I Chose To Help Students Prepare For A-Levels

I felt compelled to help people prepare for their A-Level examinations as soon as I finished mine because I knew the difficulty of it and the worst part of it, for me, was the beginning because you’re not quite sure how hard they’re going to be. School will not condition you to believe that A-Levels are hard which is wrong because then students will enter their first year of A-Levels thinking that it’s easy and 8/10 students will not get the grades they wanted or expected. This will lead to heartbreak and will hinder their chances of going to university or do an apprenticeship. So this website will endeavor to help all students on preparing for A-Level examinations


4 thoughts on “Why I Chose To Help Students Prepare For A-Levels

  1. I like the way you’ve typed the website; it draws you in from the beginning to continue reading until the end. The part about being verbal with teachers for clicking to the next slide too quickly made me laugh aha. I agree with everything you’ve said though, especially the bit about being uninformed about how difficult A-Levels actually are and how crucial it is to not take your subjects lightly.

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  2. I like the way you’ve cared for all students out there, especially to students who are new to A-Levels because a lot of students underestimate how hard A-levels are and how much much your future depends on it because compared to GCSEs, A-levels are a lot harder and this is due to the work load being harder and you having to learn so much in a small time frame

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    1. Yep exactly so with this website, hopefully students know what they’re getting themselves into and therefore can prepare to get the best grades they possibly can 💯


  3. Thank you very much for this website, you are quite right, my teachers at school are not really emphasizing the difficulty of A levels. They tend to just teach the content and leave the adapting to A levels to ourselves. You’ve helped me understand that the jump is quite big but that it can also be handled without pressure.

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