Cockiness May Lead To Sloppiness

Now, I have talked about A-Levels being hard and daunting but there are some students who will go into A-Levels thinking that they’re easy. I am not saying that this is a bad mindset to have because it’s not, it’s good in regards to the fact that you are very confident in your abilities. But please try and make sure that you don’t take A-Levels lightly and do every piece of work to the best of your abilities. Anything less than full commitment and you are bound to fail. This may be a slap in the face to some people, but those GCSE’s that you have under your belt hold no significance when it comes to A-Levels. If you’ve done amazingly well in GCSE’s then well done, but don’t think for one second that those A*’s at GCSE will mean you’re going to replicate that at A-Levels without hard work and perseverance. Make sure that you’re one of those students who wants to get the highest in the class through hard work and make sure that, once you’re at the top, you work even harder to stay at the top. Don’t settle for anything less than your very best. I’ve seen some very smart students get sloppy because of their lifestyle and their attitude towards learning. One thing they all have in common; regret. They all regret not putting in 100% in every exam they did, every topic test and so on. Then results day comes and that famous line comes out again and again; “I wished I revised more and worked harder than I did”. I was never that student and now I am off to the University of Birmingham to study Mathematics. Hopefully this acts as an incentive for all students doing A-Levels. Put in as much effort as you can for the next 2-3 years and enjoy the successes of it for the rest of your life!


2 thoughts on “Cockiness May Lead To Sloppiness

  1. Thanks a lot for this! I did quite well at GCSE level achieving majority A*-A grades, and I did think that A levels would be hard but that I’d be able to handle it with not having to revise as much as everyone else (because of my high GCSE grades). However I have had somebody tell me that they’ve seen people with 6-8 A*s at GCSE but ended up getting Es and Ds at A level. On the other hand they also witnessed people with 1/2 A*s or none at all but still achieved As and BS at a level due to their work ethic. I was skeptical about this persons opinion but now this website has confirmed it for me and i will make sure to study consistently. Thanks a lot, really do appreciate it.

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