The Key To Handling Pressure At The Beginning

Towards the beginning of any subject you do at A-Levels, you will probably get lots of homework and will be overpowered by the difficulty of the subject content. The main thing I will say is do not give up! I am talking from my own experiences so I know what I am saying. I went from learning conduction and convection in GCSE Physics to the Photoelectric Effect at A-Level. This overwhelmed me and I thought of dropping it straight away because I believed at the time that I wouldn’t get the grade I wanted. My family then said “stick it out for at least a month or two and if you still don’t like it then change it”. So I listened to them and within that month, the topic I hated became easier because of me making notes on the topic and asking the teacher for further explanation. In A-Level Physics, I managed to get an A and this was down to my positive attitude. So my advice to you students struggling at the start, wait it out and make notes on the topics that you can’t quite grasp. Ask teachers for extra help because in A-Levels, time is of the essence so you may not cover the topic you’re struggling with in a lot of detail. I would also recommend you reading around the topics that you’re struggling with.


3 thoughts on “The Key To Handling Pressure At The Beginning

    1. Hard work is one ingredient in the recipe for success when it comes to A-Levels. Other ingredients include: perseverance, smart revision and effective note-taking. Do all these and you will definitely be successful in your studies!

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