When You Compare, It Leads To Despair

When you enter A-Levels, you’ll more likely know who is the smartest in each subject or at least have a gist. What will probably be going through your head is that you can’t do as well as them. This is the wrong mindset to have. Yes, perhaps you’re not the smartest in the year or maybe you’re not intellectually gifted. That doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue your dreams in the future. It just means that you have to work that bit harder and be more strategic in your work and revision. When you start A-Levels, don’t compare yourself to other people even people that you probably know you’ll do better than. This is because if you compare yourself to other people, then every test you do is going to be a competition and this will hinder your grades. Let me give you an example to make it more clear. Just say that there was a maths exam coming up and I wanted to beat my friend. Let’s say that he generally gets around 60/100 marks. In my head, I’m going to be thinking “I need to get about 65 and if I do that, I’ve won!” Won what? Losing 35 marks on an exam where you probably could have done way better if only you revised smarter and wasn’t concerned about what anyone else was going to get. Well, by doing this, you’re limiting yourself to only 65 marks when the exam is out of 100! So, in every exam you do, try and get the highest mark possible and have the mindset that losing a mark is not an option. This will have a positive effect on your grades.


4 thoughts on “When You Compare, It Leads To Despair

  1. I’m in my second year of A levels and this was quite a big problem with students in the first year. Everybody was focused on doing better than each other, but not on trying to get the highest possible mark that they could’ve got, even myself at times. I managed to get myself out of that habit and just focus on myself, but others didn’t and unfortunately they didn’t get the results that they were looking for. I will definitely be directing A level students to this page, thanks for the help.

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  2. I agree with you, Kamran! Instead to focus on how are doing others, better focus in exercising… at the end of the day maths is about exercising… I am Pro for open discussions with others when possible, just to help each other. In rest is only a personal matter, how much everybody is involved in what they do. And I could say this is generally not only for A- level.
    Keep up the good blogging! 🙂

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