I have been talking a lot about A-Levels on my website so I felt the need to address BTEC’s as well because I feel like those of you reading my website and are doing BTEC’s are left out. Don’t worry, I got you guys covered as well. With BTEC’s, I feel like it is quite simple to pass but I wouldn’t underestimate the difficulty of some of the content so this post is to help you BTEC students. BTEC’s = Coursework, we all know that. That’s one equation we all know, whether we like maths or not. What I would advise people doing BTEC’s is to go through the coursework as quick as you can. The teacher will give you a piece of coursework to complete at home or at school or both and will give you a deadline. I would finish this as quick as possible and then ask for the new coursework before it is even handed to other people. This means that you are ahead of the class and when you are finished, you will have plenty of time to either focus on A-Levels if you’re doing a mixture of both A-Levels and BTEC’s or you can chill with your mates. It also gives you the time to reflect on the past coursework you have done and then you can improve it to increase your chances of getting that D*. Remember that if some of the questions are difficult in the coursework, then you can ask A-Level students in that field and they should know the answer. If not, Google is always available. Remember, with BTEC’s, time is of the essence because deadlines can come back to haunt you if you don’t keep them in check. If you do the assignment close to the deadline, you will be playing with fire because you’re going to be juggling other stuff at school so do the assignment as soon as you get it to avoid any unnecessary problems.


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