Don’t Let The Work Pile Up

I know you have just started A-Levels but one of the main things I suggest you do is to learn the content from the beginning. This way, you save yourself the time going over it again in May/June time. Plus, let’s face it, when it comes to May, you’re going to have forgotten what you have learnt in September so make sure you don’t have an awful lot to learn when it comes near exam time. The way to do this is to first go over the content in class whilst making notes on that said content. Then, when you go home, review those notes so that you know it. After you have completed a topic in your lesson, then ask the teacher for some topic questions and make sure that you know how to complete all those topic questions. If the teacher cannot provide you with any, try searching for them online. If you get all the topic questions correct, then you should know that topic and if you don’t then go over your notes again to try and reduce the mistakes that you’re making. Don’t stress about how much you have to do at the start because this will burn you out by the time exam season comes so just take it one step at a time remembering that you need to learn all the content by mid June.


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