I know a lot of my posts have been about doing as much revision as you can and that it entails you to dedicate yourself to long hours of study. This is not the case always. Yes, you have to do work to see results but don’t tire yourself out. If you feel like you’re tired and work is getting too much, then take a day or two off and just do whatever it is you do that alleviates stress. I know the feeling of fatigue and that revision can make you stressed. Believe me, I’ve been there. I once took like 2-3 weeks rest just to get myself away from all the work and stress. Like I said before, rest and recovery are crucial in you passing exams because you need to have days where you don’t do any work just to take away all the stress. So, if you’re feeling under pressure that you need to do work at a certain time, then don’t. Just rest and get your brain back to optimal levels.


4 thoughts on “Rest

  1. How true! Before the biggest test of my life, I had to take a couple days just to relax beforehand. I knew the material, but I was going to run myself ragged if I kept on studying, and without anything to show for it. I knew I would do better with rest, rather than another couple days of studying.

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