Know Your Learning Techniques

Make sure you know how you best revise. Yes, teachers might nag you to go to revision classes but if you feel like you work better alone, then going to revision classes should be optional for you. Find out if you can do more work whilst playing music out loud or if you like doing work with headphones on so as to block out the surrounding noise or if you just like to revise in silence. Whatever it is you like, find out early so that you can have optimal and more effective revision sessions. Personally, I like revising on my own with music playing out loud if I’m in the comfort of my home but if I was in a public place like school or university, then I would revise in a quiet place with no music. This is very important because you want every revision session to be as effective as possible and just say you have allocated 2 hours for revision and you don’t know your learning technique, then you might spend 20 minutes just trying to get comfortable which will hinder the effectiveness of your revision session. So, know your learning technique to reduce the chance of critique.


20 thoughts on “Know Your Learning Techniques

  1. Your posts are very helpful for many students who know what they want to do but don’t know how to do it. Even though my students are usually older, many of them could benefit from your learning strategies. With your permission, I will be sharing some of your posts with them occasionally.
    Good luck,

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      1. I don’t know what “the hottest” book is, and everyone has a different taste in books. I know that “self-help” books are very popular, but I don’t have the statistics. However, I am convinced that the best books an author can write are the ones he feels he has to write when he has something to express and to share with others. Do you have something you absolutely have to say to people?


      2. Hey, I was thinking of writing short ebooks. Like, 3 pages per chapter and 5 chapters. i dont know how good this will go down well and how good this will be for me financially. what do you think? how does your friend make money?

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      3. He writes self-help books, which is the #1 popular genre on the market today. I think you should think in terms of what to write about, rather than pages and chapters. Good luck!


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