Time Management Is Key

Managing your time when it comes to A-Levels is probably the most important thing to get right if you want to hit those higher grades. You need to become a master in balancing your time on revision and on your studies with going out with your mates and playing on your consoles. A lot of students would favor going out with their mates over their revision or would rather play on their console than work on their studies. I like doing all of these things and playing football as well so I know firsthand that time management is very tricky indeed. What I would recommend is that you get up early on the weekends and do a lot of revision and work during this period. That means that later on in the day, you can play FIFA 17 on PS4 (add me, it’s Kamih786 ;)) or catch up on your favourite shows like X-Factor. I always get up early on weekends, well most of the time anyway, so I know that this is very effective and it allows you to do the fun things later on in the evening. Try and find your way of balancing work with other priorities and when you do this, A-Levels will appear to be so much easier.


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